HPC architectures will continue to change over the next decade in response to efforts to improve energy efficiency, reliability, and performance. At this time of significant disruption, it is critically important to understand the requirements of contemporary and future extreme-scale scientific applications, so that we can drive or adopt new architectural and software features that satisfy the requirements of our applications. e.g., integrated GPU and CPU, integrated random number generator, transactional memory, fine-grained power management, MPI collective offload.

Hence, we believe that it is essential to quantitatively measure, project, and prioritize the resource and feature requirements of our anticipated workloads on such extreme-scale systems.

Oxbow Toolkit

The Oxbow toolkit is a collection of tools to empirically characterize application behaviours along a critical set of dimensions namely computation, communication, memory capacity and access patterns.

PADS: Performance Analytics Data Store

  • PADS Architecture
    Oxbow-PADS Architecture
  • Oxbow-PADS Workflow
    Oxbow-PADS Workflow

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